Saturday, 6 August 2011

How I used YouTube (and a Python) to explain something uninteresting about IT

I wanted to find an easy way to explain to a client what could happen if you introduce change too quickly into a complex business environment.

More specifically, the complex business environment was functioning normally but with obvious inefficiencies. The point I was trying to make was that even a positive change that clearly makes sense and which will bring immediate benefits can still have associated risks. Especially if the changes are introduced to the existing business process without comprehensive unit and end-to-end testing.

The vehicle I selected to deliver this message was Terry Gilliam's 1977 movie: Jabberwocky, staring Michael Palin. Specifically one scene which takes place in a Blacksmiths shop, which starts 4 mins 0.5 seconds into this YouTube clip:

Result: the client got the point, and then forwarded the email around the office. There could be something in this… IT management via YouTube clips.

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